ClypX – The Small & Safe Replacement to Child Booster Car Seats for Kids Ages 4 to 12 – Certified and Road Legal in US & EU.


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ClypX's major advantage over other child restraint systems (CRS) is its enormous convenience and simplicity that doesn't compromise its safety. Simply put, it's small, portable, and it will keep your child safe on the road. Our viewpoint is the best CRS is one that is painless to install and easy to use, because there are far too many children traveling without being correctly secured by a CRS of any kind. ClypX's straightforward simple design ensures that you will be able to easily install it properly and buckle your child securely every time. Also, as another option, once installed your child can buckle and unbuckle him or herself from it without any help! You can leave it properly installed and set up the car to allow your kids to learn a great habit of buckling themselves in. ClypX is so small and lightweight that it can easily go with you or your child anywhere. Keep it in your purse, bag, or pocket so that your child will never risk being without it. You can even put it in your child's backpack so that he or she has their own personal CRS to get home from school or practice while carpooling! There are literally no more excuses for not properly having your child restrained in anyone vehicle. And, older children love its comfort too which is a BIG plus in a holistic child's safety approach. All in all, we hope that our uncomplicated and user-friendly design of ClypX will help families consistently keep their children buckled properly when traveling.


  • CLYPX IS AN INNOVATIVE, EXTREMELY SIMPLE, AND CONVENIENT device that helps you safely transport kids ages 4 to 12, 40 lbs or more, and 38 to 57 inches or even taller as advised by the NHTSA and AAP. It can also be used by adults
  • A SUPER SAFE AND SMALL child restraint system, rigorously crash tested to meet and exceed the US standard FMVSS 213, Canadian CMVSS 213 and European ECE R44.04 to reassure safety-conscious parents. In fact, our product has managed to stay at least 25% under the required threshold during dynamic tests
  • PERFECT FOR DAY-TO-DAY USE, TRAVELING, OR CARPOOLING, as it is light and fits in the palm of your hand, can easily fit 3 in a row, and can be used in rental cars, taxis, or buses. No more clutter in your back seat
  • USING CLYPX IS AS EASY AS 1-2-3, just fasten the lower fixing clip, adjust the length of the belt, and fasten the upper fixing clip


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