Door Muffler Silencer/ GRAY / Dont wake the baby (GRAY)


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Door Muffler COLOR: GRAY MATERIAL: MINKY DOT FABRIC SIZE: 5" x4" x1" Don't wake the baby with a slamming door! This is a hand made muffler for you door jam! The door will close with this device, just with out a noise. Totally silent! So simple to use, simply pull the elastic bands around the handle and cover the door jam with the super soft material and attach the other side of the door handle. This prevents doors from locking, safety door locks, muffles the sound of the door so it doesn't slam. our product is different because i use a batting material between the layers of the fabric. by using this batting, it makes the fabric more firm and muffles the sound. don't be fooled by cheaper imitation door mufflers which are only made of fabric. we ship same day, everything i make is made here in the USA. many colors to choose from feel free to contact me if you need a specific color. Thank you for looking Door muffler / safety door / child safe door / baby safety / baby safety door / keep baby asleep / help baby sleep/ door cushion / closer


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