KMMall Baby Bumper Jumper Einstein Door Jumper Bouncer (Blue)

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1. High quality and strong pothook which can fix the baby jumper tightly to the wall of the doorway .And when babies play it and jump, the hook will become tighter so that it can ensure the security of babies .
2. Safe lock gear. Parents can adjust the length of the belt according to the height of children before using it . After you finish. you can use the lock to fix the belt . It will also get tighter if babies are jumping .
3. Handle around the seat , babies can hold them when they try to jump , they can keep the balance of the jumper and also provide protection for babies
4. The seat can be removable and washable , there are many animal toys around the seat , children can also have fun with the toys when they stand or sit on the seat . Soft cloth and cotton designed will also offer a comfortable and safe place for them to enjoy jumping . Their chest and skin will not be hurt .

1. Little babies from 5 months to 5 years old are active , instead of laying all the day, they need to excersice and play . Especially for babies under 2 yeard old . They are learning walking but could not be able to walk alone . But with the help of baby jumper and walker , they can try to stand themselves and learn to walk or even jump .
2. Little babies will also get stronger if they can excersice everyday .

Release your hands
1. When you are busy but you have to keep an eye on your babies . You can fix the jumper at the room close to you and you can do your own business and babies can also have fun themselves .

Jump ! Jump ! Spring designed , babies seat or stand on the seat and they can jump. It can help babies to practise themselves
Babies will enjoy jumping and have fun with the jumper . There are 3 toys arount the seat . They can play the toys when they jump . A nice present for your kids


  • Safe :The jumper can be fixed anywhere with a door , high quality door frame clamp and spring will get tighter when babied jump .
  • Interesting : Includes 3 repositionable animal themed toys: hippo, elephant and horse for self-discovery, real-world imagery flash cards, and tether
  • Release your hands :When you are busy , put babies into the jumper , they will enjoy jumping and playing the toys around the jumper .
  • Adjustable : The belt length is adjustable , you can adjust to fit children at different ages from 5 months to 4 years old and max chest of the seat is 84cm.
  • Washable : The seat of the baby jumper is removable and washable .


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